Saturday, February 17, 2018

Japanese speech

I gave a speech about South Africa.. It took about an hour and went pretty well. I spent weeks preparing for it. About 30 people came. At the end I prepared some South African food for the guests - we had boerewors, vetkoek, koeksisters and rooibos tea. I think they enjoyed it. IVe been invited to do a similar speech in March in Ibaraki city.

This was my first attempt at writing a comic. I wrote it a few years ago and managed to get it published in a homeopathic magazine. Although, not specifically about homeopathy it looks at the mind and intellectual issues surrounding the topic of health and healing. Specifically, it looks at evoltion from a Goethian perspective rather than a Darwinian perspective. 

Tea Ceremony

I love the routine, focus and concentration of the tea ceremony. In fact, it mirrors life – you follow a routine, you focus on beauty, you suffer the pain of sitting cross-legged for a long time, and then at the end you get to drink  lovely cup of bitter tea accompanied by a sweet dessert.  Below is Runa, my teacher.

My tiny garden in Japan

Here are some pictures of a few plants a planted last year. I took several pictures on my cell phone but unfortunately I lost them all when my phone crashed. recently, i've been doing a lot of deep thinking about who am am and what is my purpose on this earth. 

I think the answer to that question is: "I'm a gardener." That's who I am. 

I used to make a living teaching and I still do. Cultivating plants is much like cultivating knowledge in people. You plant a seed, provide it with sun, good soil and regular water and then watch it grow. 

Homeopathic medicine is also like gardening. If a plant doesn't have water, nutrition and sunlight insects will devour it and it will eventually die. The job of the gardener and the homeopathic physician is to take care of health.
Mostly, i love getting my hands and feet dirty.