Tuesday, February 28, 2006

streets & umbrellas

I really like this shot. It was taken under the highway in the fish market. The fish market is closed but the smell remains.

Miaoko market i live around the corner. cheap fresh sea food DELICIOUUS
keelung is a rainy city, it has rained almost everyday for the last month. lots of reflections
why do the chefs at japanese Tappentaki restaurants always speak taiwanese?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Peaceful time for the teacher as student write one of too many tests they have to do.
Amy has the special ability to persuade me to give the class less homework, "Teacher no homework, ony one, one one, noooo homeworrrkkkkkkkk!"

My adult class on an outing. They were one of the best classes I have taught

Blurred pictures with heads cut off but I like it. It expresses the chaos of the classroom well. students are active, restless and quick, turn your back for a second and all hell breaks loose.

Group photo with my favorite class. They speak Chinese all the time and never listen to me. Surprisingly their English is good and they have a lot of fun. Some smart and creative students in this class.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The fairy bridge, it's just a strange shaped bridge leading to a small island. I liked it, felt like i was entering another world.

i enjoy creating composit pictures, used seven photos for this one, should have turned the camera vertically and got more in. Aimee, jin-wen and Chen ma ma enjoying the view.
view of Hualien from our hotel widow, look carefully and you can see aimee, her brother and mother sleeping. my rerflection is easy to see.
we walked along a closed down tunnel in taroko gorge, i wish i could have spent more time there camping and swimming. It was really realy beautiful

Monday, February 20, 2006


Took this photo by accident, the girl walked past me as i took the shot, it came out kinda nice

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Heather taking notes for a short story. She's a great writer
Aimee saying bye to Nick at Taichung station
Clara, Heather and alice are great fun to be with. Most of the time Clara teases Alice.
Alice is hard to photograph, she makes a face or hides away. you have to be lucky and catch her unawares.

Jue Ming Park

Jue Ming Park was really inspirational. it's nice to see an Artist who has created someting on this scale. would have enjoyed it more if i wore long pants, the weather was damm cold.

I like this picture, most of my pictures of reflective surfaces look like shit and take many shot, and reshoots until i get it right. Nobody has the patience to wait around while I experiment with angles and colours. This one came out first time. LUCKY!

Here i've caught my hand in a gaint zipper. Very paifful.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Keelung City

Keelung is compact and they ned to use space well, there are many underpasses and overpasses. i like this one with a view of the harbour

keelung harbour, notice the ocean liner docked in the harbour, i'd like to take aimee on a cruise to okinawa before i leave keelung
a peaceful place to sit and read a book, if you don't mind all the young lovers
Miaoko night market in the day

Images of Keelung city life, no particular order or theme. i like the picture of the temple, the other are okay.


There is nothing in the world that makes Aimee happier than an hour or two on the phone. Just look as that smile.
The stone looks like a heart, we put it in the fishtank. On our trip to kending we found a four-leaf clover.

Aimeee and her sisters at the beach trying to get some dogshit off their shoes.