Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last days in Keelung

I have been offered a job in Taichung. I feel a little sad leaving Keelung.

My K7-93 class saying goodbye to me.

Some pictures under the free way.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Yehliu means "wild willows" A half an hour bus ride from Keelung costs $44. Entrance fee $50. Yehliu is a long cape formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea

If you walk along the coast for a while the mountains of tourists and tour buses disappear and you are alone except for a couple of fishermen.

Yehliu was formed from erosion to limestone rock. It is full of of seawater-erosed holes as well as numerous rocks in the shape of mushrooms, candlewicks, ginger and chess board pieces.

After walking up one of the most beautiful paths I've ever seen we came to a small pavilion on top of the cliffs overlooking the sea. Amazingly there was a foot massage area.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jing Gua Shi

Jing (silver) Gua (melon) Shi (rock) I imagine it means melon sized rocks with silver in them. Jing gua Shi used to be a silver mine, now it's a museum. Heather's ex boyfriend Ron came to Taiwan from America for a week. Heather, Ron, Romilly and Rodger spent a wonderful day there. From Keelung it costs about $330 by taxi and $60 by bus.
Bryan, an adult student has corrected me. He attended juior high school in Jing Gua Shi and I lives close by. Jing Gua Shi isn't a silver mine, it's an old gold mine and copper mine.
Anyway,I think it's a nice place to travel.
This picture came out well. I just pointed and clicked while on the bus. Actually I wanted to take a shot of something else but the bus was going fast, so I got this shot instead.

The Japanese emperor had a residence here. included is a putt putt course.

Heather took some beautiful photos. I like the one below of the people with umbrellas looking at the view.

I wish I knew about Jing Gua Shi much earlier. It's an older silver mine and ex residence of the Japanese emperor. The mountains are very green and there are some easy, yet senic mountain trails.