Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Old Photo

This is an old photo taken of a trip to Geofin. I feel a bit lazy so I haven't added the others, maybe later. I feel that most of the pictures taken off me are pretty bad, but I kind of like this one. Twenty eight days left before I go to Japan. I can't wait because I'm going to have such a good time.

Another old photo taken in Hua-lien. I've touched a dolphin, what an amazing creature. My next goal is to actually go swimming with them in the ocean.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Public holidays

I had a few days off in October for the Mid-Autumn festival. I went north to Taipei and Keelung.

I have been looking at old posts on this blog and feel there are a lot of photos but not enough descriptions of what is going on, so I've decided to write a lot more in the future. I love busses and trains. This photo half in/half out of the bus was taken on the way to Taipei.

Taipei101 is one of my favorite places. I love Page One and Eslite book store and bought a couple of guide books for my upcomming trip to Japan. I bought some japanese CD;s as well. will try and learn some basic Japanese before I go.

Heather and I visited DAN SHUI (fresh water river). It was a pleasant, quite place. I didn't see any spectacular scenery but really enjoyed wading through the shallow water watching the oyster farmers.

Dan shui was great, got to take my shoes off and walk in the mud. Very grey, reminds me a little of Hong Kong with the grey weather, high rise buildings and murky water.
Beautiful Taichung park
My big feet, I'm going to start a new theme, taking photos of places I've stood at.

Heather loves the outdoors and when ever I see her we spend time hiking. Not much hiking in Taichung so we spent time under some ancient trees. i like these photos and will add some more later.