Monday, June 25, 2007

Japan at last

I have wanted to live in Japan for a long time and it has been a really difficult journey to get here. But I'm here at last and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it. My camera is broken so I can't post any pictures but maybe that's good because I already have a lot of photos on this blog and I haven't said much about them. So here's an opportunity for me to express my thoughts.

I must admit that I feel reaIly lonely. I don't have any friends yet and I can't speak any Japanese. All I can say is "hello" "good morning" "excuse me" "thank you" and "wait a minute." I have a wonderful but when I det home from work at night there is nobody to speak to.

I found some beautiful Katakana on the web. I decided to learn Katakana first because it's used for foriegn words, so it's more rewarding once you've learned it to pronounce and reconise foreign words rather than Japanesse words.

Shingū-shi 新宮市 was founded on October 1, 1933. It is located in Wakayama prefecture and has an estimated population of 32,500, a density of 407 people per km² and a total area is 79.66 km². It is famouse for it's top quality Aikido school and it is the sister city to Santa Cruz, California.

1. White water Rafting (Kitayama-mura)
2. Rafting (Kitayama-mura)
3. Charcoal Burning Experience (Hongu-cho)
4. Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine (Hongu-cho)
5. Hongu Onsen-kyo
6. Autumn Leaves of Dorokyo Gorge (Kumanogawa-cho)
7. Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine (Shingu City)
8. Kamikura Shrine (Shingu City)
9. Nachi-san and its surroundings
10. Katsuura Onsen
11. Kino-Matsushima Cruise (Nachikatsuura-cho)
12. Dolphin Swimming (Taiji-cho)
13. Whale Museum (Taiji-cho)
14. Whale Watching (Nachikatsuura-cho, Koza-cho

MY TOP PRIORITY THIS YEAR IS TO GO DOLPHIN SWIMMING. I can't wait to touch, "shake hands" and swim by holding the back-fin of dolphins. There is no season and this can be done all-year. The places I can do this are:

448-1 Rinkai, Shirahama-co, Nishimuro-gun
Tel:0739-43-7978 Fax:0739-42-3261
Get off at "Shirahama Sta." of JR Kinokuni Line, "Rinkai" of Meiko Bus, 3 minutes walk.
Charges: Swim - 6,000 yen, Communication - 2,200 yen

703-15 Moriura, Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-gun
Tel:0735-59-3952 Fax:0735-59-3682
Get off at "Kii Katsuura Sta." of JR Kinokuni Line, "Hon-ura" of Kumano Kotsu Bus.
Charges: Swim - 6,000 yen, Communication - 2,000 yen

686-17 Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-gun
Tel:0735-59-3514 Fax:0735-59-2810
Get off at "Taiji Sta." of JR Kinokuni Line, "Moto-ura" of Kumano Kotsu Bus.
Charges: Swim - 7,000 yen, Communication - 2,000 yen

We went to a goodbye party for Nataly and Jeremy and a welcome for clayton and myself. Afterwards Karaoke and sake.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I went home for a month