Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We had a Halloween party at KICC last Saturday. I would have prefered the day off because preparing for the party and entertaing the kids was a lot of work. Actually I worked harder than on a usual work day. All in all I was exhausted but it was great fun. From 1 to 3pm we had elemenary school kids, we let them play games and they seemed to be happy. The cowboy won first prize. Next, from 4 to 6pm we had the pre-schoolers and ftheir parents. I enjoyed this buch more. Some of the costumes were excellent, some of the mothers took a lot of time to make costumes at home. Finally from 7 to 9pm we had the adults.
Above are Aoi and Yuki. They are in my 5pm class in Kushimoto. Below are some older kids with the coyboy, the winner of the costume prize.
Here the children are playing Duck, Duck, Wolf. It's a great game but sometimes the same kids get all the turns and some kids don't play at all.
This is sexy RAMONDA before her boob implant.
This is sexy RAMONDA after her boob implant. She is accompanied by WITCH AMY. The adults were asked to bring a bowl of homecooked food to the party. This was a little cheap on the part of KICC since they had to pat an entrance fee of 500 yen as well. On top of that some of my students bought beers for me too. Amy, Ray and I went shopping at the last minute. They kept their costumes on and it was fun to watch the people's reaction to them in the store.

Saori came as the Statue of Liberty. She won the best costume prize.
After the party Ray, Amy, Eri and I went to a bar. I had saki but they ran out so I ordered wiskey next, I got some cheap, watered down, Japanese wiskey so I asked them for their strongest drink. They gave me something called ESPIRTAS. It was like tequilla mixed with petrol. I felt ill the next day. In this photo I'm lucky enough to be sitting next to the most beautiful women in Shingu. Eri teaches part-time ar KICC. Her blog is now linked to mine, unfortunately it's all in Japanese.

Amy and I took a train to a small indoor SPA the next day. SPAs are excellent for hangovers. After relaxing in the hot water we sat a on the beach and looked for shells. Amy has an amazingly sharp eye. She found some beautiful shells including this little one with a star. It's about 3mm long.
I like this photo.

I went to Osaka to meet my internet pals Mari and her sister Mami. We got on well and had a good tme. They enjoy shopping and going to restuarants. They took me to some interesting restuarants.

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Amy is the new teacher replcing Andy. She's from Nashville Tennissy and has a good old Southern accent. She very sociable and enjoys going places.
The new teacher at KICC, Amy, invited me to go up the side of Shingu mountain to see a temple. I didn't expect much but was amazed when we got to the top. There is a definate spiritual feeling at the top. I think ancient gods lived here in the past and their presence still lingers. We met these people, a professor of music at nagoya University who uses sound to heal, his sister: a teacher in Kumano and another woman who can see spirits.