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This temple is situated about 100 m from my house, I'm trying to figure out it's name in English. I discovered a whole series of temles along the street I live in. My street runs along the foot of a small mountain covered in temples and holy sites. Maybe it's located on some kind of ancient ley line.
Hello Eri. Yes I read your blog.
Wednesday was a day off for KICC staff. Amy, Eri and I went to Wataze Hot Springs. It's situated in the Kii mountain range about an hour drive from Shingu along the Kumano River. What a beautiful drive. The Onsen was amazing because it was outdoors and I could look up and see the mountains.

The Kii Mountain range is regarded as a special place where the gods were appeased since the mythical age. I linked up with Eri's blog. It's in Japanese but using translation software this is what I got: "Because the English conversation school with the day off, daytime and time you opened today, with ロジャー and the thornback me 3 people, it makes cross, to the hot spring. The っ whose also it is good yesterday weather to be bad, well
to take a bath open-air in the rain... the っ て thinking, the cod, you call very, weather. But the Urasima hot spring view highest what of the sea it makes cross and the hot spring is surrounded in green, is healed - it could relax. This time the kana which probably will go to the hot spring of somewhere."