Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is Shun at the "sponge fight". We gave each kid a sponge and then filled up a few buckets of water. Everybody then ran around screaming and throwing wet sponges at everybody else. I think it was probably the best activity we've ever had. the kids really enjoyed throwing water at the teachers.

The camp was hard work and we were all exhausted afterwards.

This was rays last day at KICC. He's a great teacher and it's sad to say goodbye.

Beach braai

Clayton arranged a braai (barbeque) for the people working at KICC. It was a kind of a welcome party for Aimee and a going away party for Ray. Yusui did all the grilling and the rest of us had fun with fire works.

I spent most of the day on the beach reading and taking photos. I am reading a "SUPERNATURAL meetings with the ancient teachers of mankind" by Graham Hancock.

We started with a fire and the Yusui grilled the meat. There was too much meat - unusual for KICC. Afterwards we had fun with fireworks.


Rice fields

Michiko, my aikido teacher, took Clayton, Chie, Amy and myself to some ancient rice fields in the mountains. We spent part of the day weeding the fields. It was backbreaking work and I will never look at a rice field in the same way again.

The farmers were friendly and I think they understood that any work we did in the field was of minimum help to them. they treated us to an amazingly delicious meal. I have always had a love for rice fields - I think it's the running water and getting your feet wet - One day I would like to live somewhere like this.

Some people work other play

Clay, Chie and a farmer walking back to base after a hard day in the fields.