Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We had a Halloween party at KICC, actually it went down quite well. I think the kids enjoyed themselves and everybody loved dressing up in costumes. I painted my face green and put on a witches costume. Some kids were a little afraid of me. Here I am with JO, he's one of the youngest students (if you can call him that). Actually all he does is wonder around the classroom and put things in his mouth. He leaves behind a saliva train where ever he's been. Actually he likes me a lot and his face lights up when he sees me. I don't teach him anymore.
The winner for best costume went to this boy for his lobster costume. Or is it a dragon?
This is Atsuya. He is the only boy in an all girl class and is clearly not happy with that. He came as a kung fu master.
Nano is one of the girls from Atsuya's all girl class. She's very bright and is picking up words to songs very quickly.
All the particapents in the costume compitition, clearly witches costumes rule in Japan.
Itsuki and her little brother Ryoichiro making masks.

Aoi and his mother

These are a few pictures of the KICC School halloween party taken on my cell phone. I have a lot more coming.

it took forever to wash cheap green paint from a yaku yen store off my face. When i got home I took about an hour in the shower to wash it off. About a week later I was still getting green stuff in my ears and hair. Next halloween party NO PAINT

Rice Harvest

In September it's time to harvest the rice. really hard, I have always thought of rice paddies as amazing places on the sides of mountains where you can get your feet wet. Two things surprised me, the beautiful yellow colour of the rice plants and the hard, backbreaking work it takes to harvest the rice. my body was sore for days.

This is the end result of all the work, sheathes of rice plants drying out for later use.
I don't have any pictures of myself but there are a lot of Clayton and Chie.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Beach Party

We arranged a beach party. We planned a lot of activities such as water fights and treasure hunts but it rained heavily on the day so lot of people cancelled. Here Yusui is waiting, worrying that the rain will stop and people will come.

The rained eventually abated and actually had a good time. Clayton and Amy got the kids collecting drift wood from which they made a wonderful picture of a boat. i played frizbee with the rest of the kids. I made some fruit punch which people seemed to enjoy. We grilled boereworse on the fire and made hamburgers. They went down well. Amy made grilled marshmellows dipped in chocolate. A big hit.

This is Midori, she is one of my favorite students. She's intelligent and has a lovely personality. Unfortunately she's in a class with a bunch of naughty boys. I wish I could place her in a higher level class.