Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Just some random pictures of life in Osaka. I have neglected this blog for a long time.

Delicious Osaka street food.

Delicious Hiroshima food.


I took a short trip to Oz

 View from Laurette and Pete's living room.
Pete taking pictures of some pelicans.

Laurette's visit

Here are some pictures of Laurette's visit to Japan in October.

This was taken in Kyoto somewhere near Gion. I didn't want to take her to too many temples. Just one or two. Actually she didn't really like the temples. She enjoyed the food much more.

Here we are in Arashiyama. To me this is the most beautiful place on earth. Koyo was a little late this year so she missed the beauty of it.

I love this picture. The light was just right.

We took a tour of Gion and had dinner with a Maiko. I was surprised at how young she was. She spoke a little English and said her favourite food was curry and rice.

The sake tasted really good.

The Hiroshima Dome.

Hiroshima is a city of water. Many islands and many rivers. I was fascinated by the tides going out.
Laurette and I on the way back from Hiroshima on the shinkansen.